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Uninet Perl Company
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Welcome to Universal Networks! Our network of sites offer resources such as free tools for your web site, a Christian portal and customizable start page service, a journal to help you migrate to open source, and web site design.

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GuestCall 2000
 Looking for a more powerful solution for your site's guest book? Then choose GuestCall, a functionally complete, but simple to install open source solution. Learn more about all of our OpenScript™ solutions by clicking here.

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  Uninet Perl Company was founded in early 1997 when one of our network sites needed a better counter (Eventually Count+Stat). We thought others might enjoy it, and released it soon afterwards. Well, response was larger than we thought, and soon we devoted the entire company to making webmaster's lives easier.
  Over four years after Uninet Perl Company's launch, we offer six open source Perl scripts with free tech support, and many other services including MIDI music, and counter digits. All of our scripts, due to their open source nature, are freely modifiable and distributable per the GNU GPL license. We hope that you enjoy all of these free services, and should you have a question or comment please feel free to contact us at contact@uninetsolutions.com

  News Flash: SAFARI Preview Release Launched
    After nearly two years of programming and testing, the SAFARI "issue-based focus" content management system is now available for download. The "issue-based focus" means that SAFARI will specialize in managing content for publications that are published in issues rather than one continual flow of articles. Features include a multi-user administration interface, dynamically generated pages, and search functionality. More >

  Web Tools:

Go2It! 1.0
You've seen it before, you know those big sites with the dropdown menu boxes? Yep. Go2It does just that! CCS's Cgi-World.Net thought so highly of it they said it had "Flawless Execution"! So go get it... before your competition does. (Click Here for More Information)

GuestCall 2000
With GuestCall 2000 we went even further than before by making a compact program with robust features such as word and HTML filtering! You'll invest only a few minutes to install it, and it will serve you reliably for years - what could be better? (Click Here for More Information)

ReadyForm 1.0
Do you always wish that you had one of those programs thatconverted your sites form results from a messy pile of letters to an easy to read email? Now you can quit wishing! ReadyForm does all that, and tells your users's browser, IP#, and more! (Click Here for More Information)

SAFARI IssueWorks 1.0 Preview Release 1
SAFARI IssueWorks is an easy to use, powerful content management system (cms), with all of the standard features you expect from such a tool. However, SAFARI distinguishes itself from other CMS tools by organizing articles in issues like you would printed publications, thus easing the task of publishing an online version of a printed publication. (Click Here for More Information)

  Legacy Web Tools:

Count+Stat 1.51
Count+Stat, our first, and far most popular product, counts and records stats, using only perl and Server Side Includes. Note: We also have a non-SSI version, that replaces index.html with index.cgi. (Click Here for More Information)

MailIt! 99
Forget the complexed Majordomo, and ad based services, MailIt! 99 does all you need easily and free. MailIt! even lets you set your message's importance (Normal, High, Low).(Click Here for More Information)

StatPlus 1.25
Just like Count+Stat, StatsPlus uses our great Countranstatistics engine! It also gives point and click access to your refers. StatsPlus is howwe keep track of hits on our site, and we think you'll want to use it too! (Click Here for More Information)

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Features offered:
Six Free Scripts
Free Tech Support
Simple Installation
GNU GPL Licensed

About Uninet Perl Co.:
Lanched: April 8, 1997
Launch with name: Free Perl Scripts
Re-Lanched: October, 1997
Re-Launched with name: TWN Perl Co.™
Renamed: August ??, 1998
Renamed: Uninet Perl Company™ (UPC)

The first official Perl Company logo.
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Perl Scripts Consulting Services Free Resource Center License Information
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